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Learn How You Can Make a Difference with the U.S. Constitution Take Action (Host) Kit
Full U.S. Constitution Course Take Action (host) kit
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  • 1 U.S. Constitution Course Student Manual
  • 12 U.S. Constitution Course DVD Lessons
  • 1 Training (Host) Manual With Detailed Instructions For Teaching Each Lesson
  • 1 DVD "Separation Of Church & State: The Truth And The Lie"
  • 1 DVD "Interposition"
  • 1 DVD "Should Churches Incorporate?"
  • 1 DVD "Multiplying The Message"
  • 1 DVD "The First Amendment"
  • 1 DVD "Federal Land Grab"
  • 1 Book "Law & Liberty"
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$10 Shipping: For just $10 in shipping costs, we will send you a mystery box of IOTC materials. Items range from books and DVDs, to IOTC t-shirts and stickers. Thank you for supporting our mission!

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